Russian school


We offer children and young people studying in French or English the personalised classes in a pleasant and stimulating environment that will enable them to support and deepen the knowledge of the Russian language and better acquaint themselves with Russian traditions, culture, history, literature and art.


Aims : 

  • allow students to develop and maintain knowledge of native Russian language by enriching vocabulary, knowledge of grammar and style.

  • acquaint students with Russian traditions, culture, history, literature and art, and thus know Russian civilisation better

  • strengthen the connection of children from Russian-speaking families with their cultural roots

    Our personalised, effective and motivating programmes of Russian language and Russian civilisation classes are developed in accordance with the level, goals and schedule of each student and will allow them to get acquainted with Russian culture through cultural and educational activities corresponding to their age.


    For children who do not speak Russian fluently, programmes corresponding to their level of knowledge will be offered.


    Cultural and educational events in Russian language selected in accordance with the age and interests of each student  will complement classroom activities.


    Flexible schedule 7 days a week


    F I R S T   L E S S O N   W I T H O U T   O B L I G A T I O N