Professional communication

Professional communication

  • Professional orientation

  • Searching for a job. Positioning oneself on the employment market

  • Mobbing: preventing and managing conflicts

  • Deconstruct fear and disperse stress

  • Motivate co-workers, master conflicts and create a positive atmosphere

  • Dare being oneself: the irresistible charm of spontaneity

  • To persuade one needs to be persuaded

  • Becoming autonomous, freeing oneself from the judgment of others



  • Feeling and being at ease in social and professional interactions.

  • Discover one’s qualities and knowing how to value them.

  • Develop efficient strategies for job searching.

  • Communicate in a positive and relaxed manner in your private and professional life.


The analysis and the elaboration of new strategies that will lead the student to new perspectives require up to 10 sessions.


Rates :
Individual session: fr. 180.- per hour

Companies session: fr. 340.- per hour