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We thank you for your interest in our institute and we are happy to provide you with general information about us. Located in the very center of Geneva, our school offers intensive courses of 33 foreign languages adapted to your individual needs, as well as accelerated training programs for secretaries, office managers and hostesses.

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"Around the language in 80 lessons" is a hyperintensive linguistic program that allows you to learn the language you have chosen in record time, thanks to a very effective pedagogical approach. However, if you already have basic knowledge, then a program of 20-50 lessons will be enough to deepen and align your knowledge, which will allow you to achieve real linguistic autonomy.


Our language courses are adapted to the goals and specific needs of each student. For each participant we create a unique and personalized teaching material according to their level.


Your program can be adapted to your specific professional needs such as commercial, financial, legal, scientific, medical, literary, advertising and any other upon request.


Our programs for Secretaries and Personal Assistants offers accelerated professionalizing courses, allowing you to obtain a Diploma of Secretary or a Diploma of Personal  Assistant in French and / or English.


Our Department for Children and Adolescents offers personalized tutoring programs for all school subjects and foreign languages. Motivation is in the heart of learning and to motivate is the job of the teacher. Our dedicated and experimented teachers show young people how to study, helping them to gain self-confidence and regain motivation. We have to first restore the student's self-confidence in order to effectively transmit knowledge.


Personalized programs for gifted children offer school tutoring and enrichment courses in all fields of study, helping them to blossom in school, in society and in their personal lives. The intellectual and emotional development of these young people require intellectual stimulation appropriate to their needs, respecting their personal rhythm of learning and encouraging the expression of their talents.

A trial class, without committment, will permit you to observe the progress made in one lesson, meet your teacher and become familiar with our pedagogical approach.


Flexible schedule from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week


Classes can take place in our school in the heart of Geneva or in your office or home

Learn a language in Geneva, Language school in Geneva, individual teaching of lenguages in geneva, french courses in geneva

Feel free to contact us for more information: +41 (0)22 736 28 74 or by e-mail