Intensive summer training for youngsters


S U M M E R   W I L L   B E   R E F R E S H I N G ,

I N S P I R I N G   A N D   E F F I C I E N T   !


Programmes from 1 to 10 weeks in a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere
English, French, German + 33 languages + all academic disciplines


Summer lessons, customised intensive classes and total immersion programmes, depending on your child’s age, personality and current level


Cultural programmes and exploring activities in the studied language, carefully selected depending on the age and the interests of each pupil, will enrich the linguistic training.



S U M M E R   L E S S O N S   A N D   P R O G R A M M E S   H E L P I N G   C H I L D R E N   A N D   T E E N A G E R S   C A T C H   U P   O N   T H E I R   S C H O O L   C U R R I C U L U M   S C H O O L   S U P P O R T   A N D   M O T I V A T  I O N   T R A I N I N G


We offer personalised summer lessons and programmes helping children and teenagers catch up on their school curriculum, in all subjects and all languages. These summer lessons also enable youngsters to learn how to learn and to rediscover their motivation, since we cannot transmit knowledge without giving students back the confidence in their own abilities.


Aim: Catch up on your school programme by developing a more positive outlook on the language or subject to be learnt

  • Learn a foreign language

  • Learning how to learn

  • Rediscover one’s motivation

  • Rediscovering one’s self-confidence



C H A N G I N G   S C H O O L ,   C H A N G I N G   T H E   L A N G U A G E   O F   S T U D Y


For children starting school in Geneva in English or French, and who do not yet master these languages, we offer an intensive linguistic training programme and summer lessons, enabling them to be prepared for the beginning of the school year in September.


Our programmes are tailor-made, depending on the pupil’s age, personality and current level. Personalised, efficient and stimulating classes prepare your children for their education and get them ready to follow their curriculum in the new language they use at their school. Later on, they can choose a parallel linguistic support and tutoring programme to ensure their continued success.