Company X-ray


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The company x-ray is a global and fast analysis technique that allows managers and heads of enterprises, organisations and groups to have an idea of the outside perception of their style and way of functioning.


This is a particular form of coaching that makes possible the identification of the functioning and the eventual malfunctions of a group or a society, staring from an in-depth and global analysis which allows directors and heads of HR to step out of the confinements imposed by habits and the obvious, and discover constructive and innovative problem solving solutions.


Aims: to identify, recognise and neutralise the malfunctions of a company, an organisation or a group, thanks to a quick and global analysis; to modify these behaviours in a few sessions.


  • Analysis of the company culture and of the internal and external communication strategy; becoming aware of the atmosphere and the image of the concerned company

  • Reconsidering habitual frameworks

  • Becoming aware of automatisms

  • The art of delicately managing: functional and traditional hierarchies

  • Support in setting up a company

  • Elaborating viability studies for new projects

  • Balance and counselling


Rate : fr. 340.- per hour