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f o r   c o m p a n i e s   a n d   i n d i v i d u a l s



"Self-evident beliefs are prisons for the mind
and their gates are padlocked by our habits."

 learn new strategies for success in your projects, Coaching for entrepreneurs in Geneva

80% of the problems that monopolise our energy and the difficulties that prevent us from acting, do not exist or do not exist in the manner in which we perceive them. What hinders us from seeing a problem clearly and quickly finding constructive and efficient solutions is our closeness to… ourselves.

If we could look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes, we would be able to free ourselves from the limitations imposed by our beliefs. Beliefs being by definition what we believe, we are not able to analyse or identify them by ourselves. 

This process of analysing, reframing and elaborating new strategies can be achieved in 1 to 5 sessions.



S t r a t e g i e s   f o r   s u c c e s s


Individual, family or professional coaching aims to help the individual or the group reach their objectives, through a process of reframing and joint reflection thanks to the discovery of new angles and the general reframing of problems. 

Through individual consultations, the participant discovers new strategies for success which help them rethink their projects and relationships in a constructive and innovative manner, whether it be finding a job, conflict management, realising new projects or setting up a company.


  • Managing changes

  • Rethinking challenges thanks to new points of reference

  • Starting again after a setback towards new horizons

  • Becoming autonomous, freeing oneself from the gaze of others

  • Leave behind the prison of self-evident beliefs and the vicious circles of suppositions


Objectives: to consider professional and personal problems from multiple angles, thanks to an innovative and targeted approach, to reframe the perception and the interpretation of problematic situations or conflict in order to elaborate efficient strategies for success whether it be individual, within a family or in a group.



C o m p a n y   x  – r a y 


The “Company x-ray” is a particular form of coaching that makes it possible to identify the functioning and the eventual malfunctions of a group or a society, starting from an in-depth and global analysis which allows directors and heads of HR to step out of the confinements imposed by habits and the obvious, and discover constructive and innovative problem solving solutions.


  • Assessment and counselling

  • Developing professional projects

  • Support in setting up a company

  • Elaborating viability studies for new projects

  • Company culture analysis

  • The art of delicately managing: functional and traditional hierarchies


Aim: to identify, recognise and neutralise the malfunctions of a company, an organisation or a group, thanks to a quick and global analysis; to modify these behaviours in a few sessions.



P r o f e s s i o n a l   c o m m u n i c a t i o n

  • Professional orientation

  • Searching for a job. Positioning oneself on the employment market

  • Mobbing: preventing and managing conflicts

  • Deconstruct fear and disperse stress

  • Motivate co-workers, master conflicts and create a positive atmosphere

  • Dare being oneself: the irresistible charm of spontaneity

  • To persuade one needs to be persuaded

  • Becoming autonomous, freeing oneself from the judgment of others


Aim: Feeling and being at ease in social and professional interactions. Discover one’s qualities and knowing how to value them. Develop efficient strategies for job searching. Communicate in a positive and relaxed manner in your private and the professional life.






Stratégies de réussite
Consultation individuelle :     fr. 180.- par heure


Radiographie d’entreprise
Consultation globale :            fr. 340.- par heure