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Department of languages

Personalised teaching in 33 languages
in a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere

Flexible schedule from 7 am to 10 pm • 7 days a week •  all year long

at our Institute in the center of Geneva or at your office


albanian · german · english · arabic · armenian · brazilian · bulgarian · catalan · chinese · korean · croatian · danish · spanish · farsi · filipino · finnish · french · greek · hebrew · hindi · hungarian · italian · japanese · kurdish · mongolian · dutch · norwegian · urdu · uzbek · persian · polish · portuguese · romanian · russian · schwyzerdütsch · serbian · swedish · swahili · thaï · czech · ukrainian · turkish · vietnamese · yiddish



Personalised programmes from 1 to 20 lessons per week
for adults, teenagers and children

Special programmes for Organisations, Companies, Banks,

Diplomatic corps and expatriates


Around a language in 80 hours” enables a student to master a foreign language in 80 hours in a matter of months or even weeks, in case of urgent requirements. Originally elaborated for humanitarian purposes, the Varadi method is now used by diplomats, international organisations, companies and individuals to learn a language in record time.

Department of languages in Geneva, Language courses in geneva,  individual teaching of 33 language courses

The Varadi School offers personalised courses in 33 languages for individuals and companies in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. The complete programme of 80 hours allows the student to reach a level of general autonomy which is between an intermediate and an advanced level, depending on the amount of personal work the student can do outside of classes. If you already have some knowledge of the chosen language, a programme consisting of 10 to 60 lessons may be sufficient to reach your goal. If you are a beginner, a 15-to-20-lesson programme will allow you to reach a basic level of autonomy in the chosen language.


Our programmes for companies and organisations are tailor-made, designed to meet the goals and the specific needs of each student and can have a professional orientation such as commercial, financial, legal, literary, medical, scientific, artistic, cinematographic or other, upon request.


The Varadi School’s teachers are university-educated, native speakers, and trained in the innovative and efficient method of the Varadi Institute. To tailor a personalised programme for each student the teacher adapts to the specific needs and goals of each student, making the learning of a new language stimulating and enjoyable. Students will explore the new language within a lively interaction with their teacher, developing their speaking, reading and writing skills in creative ways. Each participant will receive unique and personalised teaching material, depending on their level, rhythm, specific needs and goals.


Department of languages in Geneva, Language courses in geneva,  individual teaching of 33 language courses

The first lesson without commitment will allow you to find out how much you can progress during one lesson, get acquainted with your teacher and our pedagogical approach.