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Thank you for your interest in our school. You will find here general information about our Institute.


Located in the centre of Geneva, right next to Rue du Rhône, our school offers intensive and personalised courses, for adults and children, in 33 languages, as well as accelerated courses in secretarial studies and computer programs.


Around a language in 80 lessons” is an innovative, motivating and highly-efficient pedagogical approach enabling you to master a foreign language in record time.  


If you are a beginner, the 80 lesson programme will allow you to attain general autonomy corresponding to an intermediate or advanced level depending on the work you are able to do outside of the classes, whereas a 15 to 30 lesson programme will allow you to reach a basic level of autonomy in the language you will study.


If you already have experience in the language, even a programme consisting of 20 to 60 lessons will be sufficient to reach your objectives in deepening and perfecting your linguistic skills.


33 languages are taught in a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere by university-educated native teachers trained in our unique method. All facets of oral and written communication are introduced in a functional way through spontaneous yet structured exchanges between the student and their teacher who are in a constant, lively interaction throughout the lesson. Implying an active participation of the student, Varadi méthod facilitates a rapid progression in written and oral expression and comprehension, whilst ensuring a natural, spontaneous mastery of grammar.


A tailor-made programme will be elaborated according to your specific needs and you will receive unique and personalised teaching material.


Your programme could be developed for a variety or professional orientations : commercial, financial, literary, scientific, medical, marketing, administrative, legal and others.


You can follow your programme either at our Institute or at your office and choose your schedule, 7 days a week, from 7 am to 10 pm.


Our Secretarial Training Departement offers accelerated courses of 3 to 12 months which prepares you for both a Secretarial Diploma and a Personal Assistant Diploma in French or in English.


Our Department for Children and Adolescents offers personalised remotivating tutoring programmes across all school subjects and in all languages, allowing your children to overcome difficulties at school, to learn how to learn and to regain their motivation by restoring their self confidence.


Our tailor-made programmes specifically elaborated for gifted children help them to accept and manage their uniqueness on a social, educational or affective level. Their intellectual and affective fulfilment assumes that they benefit from intellectual stimulation specific to their needs all the while  respecting their pace and encouraging the expression of their gift.


A trial class, free-of-obligation to continue, will allow you to get acquainted with your teacher and our pedagogical method, and measure the progress you can make during a lesson. You can then decide the number of classes you would like to have per week, depending on your needs and your availability. 


Please feel free to contact us by phone +41 (0)22 736 28 74 or email for any information. 


Best regards,
The pedagogical team of the Varadi School