Dear guest,

Welcome to the Varadi School!

Thank you for your interest in our school. You will find here the general information on our Institute.

Located in the centre of Geneva, near Rue du Rhône, our school offers intensive and personalised courses, for adults and children, in 33 languages, as well as fast-paced training in music, informatics, secretarial and office work.

All our courses are tailor-made, designed to meet the goals and the specific needs of our students.

“Around a language in 80 hours” is a special programme based on a highly efficient pedagogical approach that enables you to master a foreign language in just 80 classes. If you already have a good command of the required language, a programme consisting of 10 to 40 lessons might be enough to deepen and expand your knowledge, ensuring sound linguistic skills.

Depending on your needs, our programme can be orientated towards a variety of professions, from commercial to financial, literary or legal ones. For this reason, each participant will receive unique and personalised teaching material.

Our courses can be held either at our Institute or at your office, 7 days a week, from 7 am to 10 pm (depending on your availability), in private / semi-private lessons or in small groups.

If you wish to become more acquainted with our method, we are happy to organise a trial class with no obligation to continue, so that you can familiarise yourself with our pedagogical approach and measure the progress you have made during one lesson.

Please do not hesitate to call us for any further information.

We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Best regards,
The pedagogical team of the Varadi School

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